Second Edition Core Setting

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  • Core Setting book
  • Player’s Guide
  • Character Sheets
  • Maps
  • Adventure Hooks
  • Locations


From the Wiki: Nimrestir

Nimrestir, home of Greywyn, is one of the 5 planets in the Eldiril system. It is an ancient world of rugged hills, grassy plains, deserts, and bogs, illuminated by a yellow sun. The world is primarily populated by humanoid species such as elves, humans, and dwarves. Another humanoid species, the Sylrinn, are the original inhabitants of the planet.

Introducing new books in 2022!

World of Greywyn fans will be happy to know we’re launching three new product lines in 2022! The new product types will detail specific aspects of Greywyn as follows:


An Atlas features one continent and includes maps, lore, timelines, and more. The Atlas series consists of six books, one for each of Nimrestir’s continents.

Traveler's Guide

A Traveler’s Guide focuses on a particular region – i.e., The Silver Coast features locations, NPCs, adventure hooks, lore, and items for this area of the Kingdom of Greywyn.


A Sourcebook details one specific location such as a city or town (Dorlake, Aelwick, Whitecliff). Sourcebooks will vary in size depending on the settlement.

World Anvil Launch

Well, I did the thing. I launched Greywyn on World Anvil last week (quietly) and have been hesitant to post about it ever since. World Anvil is AWESOME, but I was unsure if Greywyn fans would…

World Map

Find your way around the realm with this handy reference map featuring the Kingdom of Greywyn. Now available on!