Core Setting 1.0

Download the 1.0 Core Setting below:

World of Greywyn – Core Setting 1.0

World of Greywyn is a downloadable fantasy RPG Setting for classic pen-and-paper gaming and will provide hours of fun and adventure.

Free of restrictions on rule systems or character classes, Greywyn was designed to be used with your choice of game engine* – it’s all up to you!

I created this project purely for my own enjoyment, and I decided to polish it up a bit and share it with the world. The World of Greywyn Core Setting 1.0 is a “Pay What You Want” product – if you want it for free, you get it for free, no strings attached. However, I hope you will kindly donate $1, $5, $10, or whatever amount you feel my work is worth. Each and every donation is appreciated, and it supports the creation of new work.


  • 16-page Traveler’s Guide PDF
  • 4 Printable Area Maps
  • 3 Poster Maps
  • 2 Generic Dungeon Maps

I’ve already had many adventures in these lands, and now it’s your turn. You may play Greywyn completely different than I do, with very different character archetypes; that’s the beauty of RPGs – there are no limits!

Create the adventures YOU want, with the characters YOU choose. World of Greywyn is the place to let your imagination run wild, full of possibilities and adventure!


*Game Engines/Rule Systems/Combat Systems

It’s important to note that the 1.0 version of World of Greywyn does not include its own rule system or character classes and isn’t dependent on any specific game engine. There are many rule systems available that you can adapt to Greywyn. The World of Greywyn Second Edition Core Setting includes basic classes and a basic character system.

Additional modules for 1.0:

The Whispering Vale

The original 1.0 version of The Whispering Vale module.

Blessing of the Wyrm Queen

This adventure module features new characters, locations, and adventure hooks for Hacktown.

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