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What is World of Greywyn?

World of Greywyn is a fantasy RPG for classic tabletop gaming. It is primarily a campaign setting and features locations, lore, NPCs, adventure hooks, and more.

What’s included? Is it free?

The Core Setting 1.0 release is, and will remain, 100% free. The Second Edition books and modules are paid and/or subscription products. There are also free items such as maps, modules, and game supplements planned for 2022.

What ruleset does Greywyn use?

It’s important to note that the 1.0 version of World of Greywyn does not include its own rule system or character classes and isn’t dependent on any specific game engine. There are many rule systems available that you can adapt to Greywyn.

The World of Greywyn Second Edition Core Setting includes basic classes and a basic character system, but you are free to choose your own ruleset and mechanics. Currently, Greywyn focuses mostly on the setting/worldbuilding aspect.

Where can I download the Core Setting 1.0?

You can download V1.0 right here.

Where can I purchase the Second Edition?

The World of Greywyn Second Edition Core Setting is available at DriveThru RPG, and also the Sqeezi Games store on the Payhip platform.

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