Hi folks, Donnie here with exciting news- World of Greywyn is finally getting an update in January 2022. I had hoped to roll this out back in the summer, but, life. So anyhoo it’s finally happening and it will be a free update to everyone who has purchased the Second Edition Core Setting from DriveThru RPG.

This update will be primarily focused on “bug fixes” in the Core Setting book – typos, formatting, things like that. But more than simply fixing typos, I’m also adding some new maps, a cover update, and NPC updates.

We’re also releasing a brand-new World Map for the SE, and it will be available THIS WEEK at DriveThru and the NEW Sqeezi Games store on Payhip. There will be a limited run of tapestries and print versions in addition to the digital download version.

I also have another pretty big announcement I’ve been sitting on, but it’s a bit soon – let’s just say it involves a trip across the ocean with a couple of pointy-eared bastards and leave it at that.

I hope you all have a fine holiday with your families, friends, and furry familiars!